The history of the Seehotel Schlierseer Hof


1888 until today


"We were and are inspired - the fascination of the elements of water, earth and air - the crystal clear lake, framed by the sometimes wild and then gentle rock formations of the mountains - to bring joy to our guests in this magnificent setting is our goal."


Ute & Walter de Alwis

The first development on this site was the former lido, the Spitz bathing establishment (ca. 1888), which is now located elsewhere in Schliersee. Later (ca. 1895), guest rooms were added and the accommodation called Hotel Spitz welcomed overnight guests for the first time. After several changes of ownership, Karl Steiner and his wife Annemarie Steiner bought the hotel in 1934 and took over the business. After their death, their son Karl Steiner and his wife Ursula Steiner, née Riepl, successfully continued the business. During the Second World War, the hotels and guesthouses were used to accommodate wounded soldiers and mothers with children who had been evacuated from the big cities. 

From 1950 onwards, the hotel was known and appreciated far beyond the borders of Bavaria, even Curd Jürgens held one of his many weddings here. The guests included many well-known personalities, also from abroad. Many family celebrations and weddings were held here. But the Steiner family reached the age where they wanted to retire, and their own children went on to other careers. So they first had to look for a tenant and later for a buyer.

In 1998, Peter Goetz, who comes from a well-known hotelier family, bought the hotel. His grandfather owned the well-known Speiser's Hotelfachschule at Tegernsee - but he had to look for a buyer again in 2006. After many years of experience in managing larger 4 and 5 star hotels, we ourselves were looking for a suitable property to venture into self-employment. By chance, we saw the hotel on a sunny September day in 2006. It was love at first sight. In December 2006, one day before the auction date, we bought the hotel at 10 pm - without even having seen it properly.

There was certainly a risk involved, but we were so excited by the beautiful location, the romance and the vision of what would be possible to realise over a period of time that we had no reservations and threw ourselves into making it happen. Our intention is to make the hotel flourish again and to successfully establish it as one of the leading hotels in the area with quality, cordiality and services. 

In spring 2007 we started with the most necessary things - repair work in the hotel, beer garden and garden was urgently needed. The garden was completely changed and the swimming pool was restored. A lot of 'behind the scenes' work and necessary purchases were also done. 

In December 2007, our 'temporary' Ayurveda centre was opened on the first floor with a doctor, a therapist and a cook from Sri Lanka. Among other things, some rooms were given a new outfit in November 2008.

Since then, numerous films have been shot at the Seehotel Schlierseer Hof, including 'der Landarzt', 'Forsthaus Falkenau' and 'Ein Sommer in Bayern'. Furthermore, TV talk shows were held in the Panorama Restaurant and numerous fashion shoots were held in the garden.

From 2010, 'new' windows for the main house followed, as well as new radiators. In 2018, further embellishments followed, the hunting lodge was renovated, and water pipes and internet cables were laid. 

In 2018 we were able to win over the flat house St. Leonhard am See in Fischhausen and since then, with a new name and numerous embellishments, the appartment house has become our little sister 'Die Kuh am See' with 26 appartments.

In 2019, the renovation of the public toilets in the hotel followed - they were given a unique look with the theme 'Africa'. In 2020, more major projects followed despite the Corona crisis: Walter's am See was created, the beer garden toilets were refurbished, and the hotel was 'digitalised': interactive tablets and UHD TVs now adorn every room. In addition, the corridors in the entrance hall and the reception area were redesigned. 


Dear guests, it is nice that you are interested in our hotel. We hope that we will soon be able to welcome you to Seehotel Schlierseer Hof and that you will continue to write history with us. 




Ute & Walter De Alwis